Turbo Identification

Can you speak turbo? The information on a turbo housing name plate will help you specify the exact replacement turbo you need….and will also reveal the key components that make each Garrett® turbo so special.

Your turbo name plate
A name plate will vary according to whether it relates to an original equipment turbo installed by the vehicle manufacturer or to a turbo bought through the independent Aftermarket. The name plate shows a customer or Garrett® part number, turbo model and serial number – providing you information that might help you order a replacement turbo.

Click here to see photos of name plate examples of OE turbos and replacement turbos.

Reading your turbo
The turbo model says a great deal about the features of your turbocharger.

For example, in the T Series, turbo model TO4B59 is formed as follows: TO4 = frame size (74.2mm turbine); B = the design; and 59 = the 59th TO4B that we made, usually specific to one customer.

For the GT Series, model GT4082SN translates as follows: GT40 = (77mm turbine); 82 = 82mm compressor wheel; S = single passage bypass turbine; and N = ported shroud.

Click here to see the T Series chart, which lists all the possible component designations, and click here for the GT Series chart.